Eventually Demons Catch Up (Serial)

Lessons From Saturn (Serial)

The Sun and Moon Saga

I: The Misfit Princess

IV: Aurora and Luna (Prologue)

IV: Aurora and Luna (Serial)

Short Stories

The Animal Rights Collection


For Children

Crocky-the-Crocodile and His Crocodile Smile

The Tale of Holly the Christmas Elf

Two Writers: One Big, One Small

The Tales of the Sun and the Moon

The Golden Candle

The Trial of Titania Brown


The Haunting of the Flapper


On Borderline Personality Disorder

A Letter To The Therapist Who Threw Gasoline On The Fire That Is My Borderline Personality Disorder

Falling In Love Triggered My Borderline Personality Disorder

How Borderline Personality Disorder Manifests In Me

I Have Borderline Personality Disorder—But I Am Not A Bad Person

The Splitting Fawn: ‘I hate me—don’t leave me!’

On Creativity & Writing

‘The Good Life’ Is NOT The Four-Hour Work Week

How To Write A Book: From Rough Draft To Finished Manuscript

I Attempted To Write A Short Story Everyday For Thirty Days—And This Is What The Experience Taught Me

Reaching Beyond The Trivial: A Quest For Meaning In A Bullshit-Filled World

Stop Creating Content And Start Creating Art

To Outline A Story, Or Discover One

Lessons From Saturn

Memento Mori: ‘Holy fuck! I’m going to die!’

Mother, Maiden, Crone: A New Perspective On Ageing


Allegedly Autistic: Why I Suspect I Am On The Spectrum

I Am Not A Fortune Teller

Why I Love Magic Mushrooms

Why I Stopped Wearing Makeup

Why You Should Take A Dating Sabbatical

Your Mind Is Your Home: How To Truly Love Yourself


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