I Am Not A Fortune Teller

One of my favourite things in this world is the Tarot. Now, when you think of the Tarot, what images come to mind? A head-scarf-wearing fortune teller, living in an old, horse-drawn caravan, traveling the land, predicting the future of desperate, gullible people? As much as I appreciate the aesthetic of the fortune teller, this really isn’t an accurate representation of the Tarot; nor is it an accurate representation of the practise of divination at large.

First and foremost, I want to make this known: I am not a fortune teller! I have learned, in my near seven years of reading Tarot cards, that trying to predict the future is, honestly, a bit foolish. The future is not set in stone. Even as a practitioner of Astrology, I do not believe we are fated to anything, not Truly.

I do, however, believe that we are always receiving invitations from the Universe, and that tools like Astrology and Tarot can help us become more aware of these invitations. But whether or not we accept said invitations is up to us. Other factors, beyond the notion of ‘destiny’, come into play: both life circumstances and free will.

As human beings, we are filled with constant desire—a desire for something more, or at least something different. This desire is both a blessing and a curse. Often times, people turn to the Tarot when they desperately want some great big desire of theirs to manifest—or when they are desperately afraid of something they don’t want manifesting.

However, questions like ‘Will I ever accomplish my Life Purpose?’ and ‘Is he my soulmate?’ are misguided. One actually has much more influence than they acknowledge by asking questions such as these: questions that imply that we are fated to certain outcomes.

Some better questions might be: ‘Do my daily actions align with my Life Purpose?’ and ‘How does he make me feel?’ These are the kinds of questions I like to ask the cards.

Of course, questions about the future can be tempting. But even when I ask those kinds of questions, I am usually given answers about the present moment—because, in Truth, it’s all we have, and it’s all we ever will have. Placing the events of the future in the hands of a deck of cards is, at best, misguided, and, at worst, a means of shirking one’s own personal responsibility.

See, the philosophy I adhere to when utilizing the Tarot is that the cards are better used for introspection, more than they are for fortune telling. Sure, I often do see the future—but I see the future precisely because the cards help me better understand what is happening in the present.

For example, if I ask the cards, ‘Will I ever accomplish my Life Purpose?’, and I draw The Fool, Death and The World, this is how I might interpret them: ‘Yes, I can accomplish my Life Purpose (The World), but at this point, although I am eager, I am also young and inexperienced (The Fool). So, in order to actualize my Life Purpose, I will need to undergo radical transformation (Death).’

From this message, I might feel inspired to ask the cards something like, ‘What aspects of myself do I need to change?’ Let’s pretend I then draw The Hanged Man, Temperance and The Eight of Pentacles. How would I read this? I might decide that I need to develop a better mindset (The Hanged Man), one that is more long-term (The Eight of Pentacles), which will require that I cultivate patience (Temperance).

This is, of course, just one of infinite ways of interpreting these cards. Even though this is a mock reading, the sentiment reflects the personal journey I have been on these last few years, while going through my first Saturn Return.

However, if I was reading for someone else, they would have their own unique Astrological chart, and their own unique life experience. Another person could ask the exact same question and draw these exact same cards, and I might interpret them in an entirely different manner. Beyond the oracle that is the Tarot, as a psychic, I pick up on the individual’s energy, and this influences the reading.

But do you see how, in this mock reading, the future is not yet decided? Not Truly. Sure, the cards show that I have the potential to accomplish my Life Purpose—that’s the invitation from the Universe. But the cards also advise: whether or not I actualize my Life Purpose will depend on how willing I am to let go of my old identity, and how willing I am to become somebody new; it will depend on how open or resistant I am to change. Can I let go of my craving for instant, overnight success, and get comfortable with the uncertainty of such a prospect? Can I get comfortable being in the present moment, joyfully chipping away at my various writing projects?

The answers to these questions will depend, as stated earlier, on both life circumstances and my own free will. While, ultimately, everything in my life is my responsibility, life circumstances do have their influence on how I respond… because that is what responsibility is: one’s ability to respond.

Life circumstances are like the soil of a plant. Certain circumstances are a more fertile soil for certain kinds of outcomes, while other circumstances are a better growing ground for other kinds of outcomes.

For example, having a supportive, loving relationship amplifies my creativity; whereas, having a toxic, chaotic relationship drains me of all my inspiration and energy. In my worst relationships, I haven’t wanted to create anything, which is very unlike me. I have just wanted to lay in bed and distract myself with YouTube videos and potato chips!

The cards can help us navigate all sorts of issues. Sometimes, I ask the Tarot questions about money, but then end up drawing cards that tell me to tend to my mental health. Other times I inquire about my mental health, and then get told to throw myself into my work. This is why I love the Tarot: the cards help me see things from a different perspective and, often, give me surprising answers, things I might not have considered on my own.

Tarot is a massive part of my life:  I draw cards every morning to help guide me through my day.  At the start of every year, I draw a card to predict what the theme of that year will be.  I do the same on my birthday, to predict the lesson of that trip around the Sun.  I also draw a card for the Sabbats, with each shifting phase of the Moon, and as the Astrological seasons turn.  

When I find myself lost, stuck, depressed, afraid, uncertain, or otherwise ‘off’, or if I simply find myself curious, I often sit down and give myself a larger reading.  I consider these readings to be almost like therapy sessions—except this therapy is done for myself, by myself.  It helps me introspect: contemplate more deeply and reflect more clearly.  

And now, at the time of releasing this essay, I am offering my services as a psychic Tarot card reader to the public. I have given, and will continue to give, free readings on social media. But, for those who want to dive deeper, I am offering personal readings, as well.

My readings are for those on a journey of deep introspection and personal expansion. If you are booking with me, you should be looking for honest answers and Truthful guidance.

Tarot is effective because the cards tell a story—the story—the story each one of us is living at all times—the human experience. Each card is a different beat in the story, a different plot point. I do enjoy and appreciate other forms of divination—Astrology, tasseography, scrying. However, you can see why, as a writer, particularly as a fantasy writer, I am most connected with the Tarot.

I hope you consider me for a reading.


MD Luna