Crocky-the-Crocodile and His Crocodile Smile

There is a Crocodile named Crocky.  Crocky-the-Crocodile is his official title.  Now, speaking ‘factually’, crocodiles do not live on Vancouver Island, or anywhere in Canada for that matter.  (This is aside from the crocodiles held captive in zoos, which is a horrid thing and ought to be made illegal!)

All that said, Crocky-the-Crocodile does live on Vancouver Island, in the swamp just north of my cottage.  If you don’t believe me, why not embark on an expedition and see for yourself?  I have given you the precise coordinates: the swamp north of my cottage.  And if you don’t already know where my cottage is—well, then you never will know—for I am never going to tell someone who needs to ask.

Now, where was I?  Ah, yes… Crocky-the-Crocodile often strolls over from his swamp to my cottage, to join me for tea.  The forest animals are familiar with him now, but this certainly was not always the case.  As I’ve said, Crocky is the only crocodile in all of not just Canada, but North America. 

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I Am Not A Fortune Teller

One of my favourite things in this world is the Tarot. Now, when you think of the Tarot, what images come to mind? A head-scarf-wearing fortune teller, living in an old, horse-drawn caravan, traveling the land, predicting the future of desperate, gullible people? As much as I appreciate the aesthetic of the fortune teller, this really isn’t an accurate representation of the Tarot; nor is it an accurate representation of the practise of divination at large.

First and foremost, I want to make this known: I am not a fortune teller! I have learned, in my near seven years of reading Tarot cards, that trying to predict the future is, honestly, a bit foolish. The future is not set in stone. Even as a practitioner of Astrology, I do not believe we are fated to anything, not Truly.

I do, however, believe that we are always receiving invitations from the Universe, and that tools like Astrology and Tarot can help us become more aware of these invitations. But whether or not we accept said invitations is up to us. Other factors, beyond the notion of ‘destiny’, come into play: both life circumstances and free will.

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Why I Love Magic Mushrooms

Author’s note: This essay was not written with the intention of encouraging anyone to use psilocybin mushrooms. Rather, I wrote this piece with the intention of merely sharing my experience. It really must be stressed that this is my experience, and that each and every individual experience will be just that: individual. While I consider psilocybin to have a positive impact on my life, you may find that the same compound has the effect opposite. Furthermore, if you are struggling with mental illness, please refrain from self-medicating and talk with a doctor.

My Journey With Magic Mushrooms

For a long while, I have wanted to talk about this. But I have been too afraid—afraid of the judgment of those who will disapprove—and afraid I might lead a reader down what could be the wrong path for them.

However, I truly believe that psychedelics are an undervalued tool for introspection and expansion. I envision a future in which psychedelic therapy is normalized and utilized. And I pray that one day it will be more commonplace to trip shrooms than it will be to risk alcohol poisoning.

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