I: The Misfit Princess (PDF)



In New-Camelot, where only the upperclass folkians have the right to practise magic, Aurora Green is known as ‘the Mundane Princess’. A misfit among royalty, Aurora often escapes the castle to hide out in the Greenlandian Forest. After Suns of thinking she was alone in her familiar glade, she discovers unfamiliar boot prints in the dirt. Someone has been there with her: Zale Castaway, an illegal rebel warlock. Not wanting to return to the monarchy, Aurora allows Zale to lead her back to the Lunar Coven. In the safety of the coven’s hideout, over one-hundred feet underground, for the first time in her life, Aurora is able to access her powers. Her loyalty now lies with the rebels, and she chooses to embark on a quest to return the magic to the peasants and ignite the Lunar Revolution. But Prince Daniel, the son of Emperor Sola, wants to marry Princess Aurora, and his men are searching for her. If Aurora and Zale are caught by the Solar Allegiance, they will be sentenced to prison on Suicide Island, where a fate worse than death awaits them.