The Path of the Moon

A rebel witch and warlock—surely, they are working for Zelena. Maybe they can even take you to the Lunar Coven themselves! Best to get acquainted with them.

You extend your wand in front of you and close your eyes. It takes more focus than it used to. A combination of Sola’s Magical Moat working against you, and you being a bit rusty, because only the Cosmos knows how long you were unconscious for. However, the wand sparks do come, lighting up the cavern.

On the smooth rock beneath you, you find your pack, as well as your broomstick. You pick up both, slinging your pack up onto your back and clutching your broomstick in your hand.

“Are ya sure this is the right way?” the warlock asks. You notice how timid and fearful he sounds.

“Positive,” the witch answers, sounding far more confident than him.

You wait in the cavern, dimly lit by your wand sparks—a deep blue shade, and mimicking the shapes of the Stars, Themselves.

“I still don’t understand,” the warlock manages to choke out, “how ya know yer way around these tunnels. How do ya know we’re not lost?”

The light of their torches can now be spotted.

“I know we’re not lost,” the witch answers, “because this is where we left her.”

Her? you wonder, Does that mean me?

And, sure enough, when the strangers enter the cavern, the witch points a long, bony finger at you and cries, “She’s awoken!”

Then the witch turns back to the warlock, who is much shorter and stouter than her, and scolds him, “I told you to brew that sleeping potion as strong as possible! Exactly how many chamomile flowers and lavender buds did you use?”

The warlock attempts to count on his fingers, revealing his stupidity. He stammers, “I—I can’t remember, your powerfulness.”

“Well, clearly you didn’t use enough!” And the witch hits him over the head with her staff. “Fool! We need her in order for this to work!”

“What is ‘this’?”


Hop aboard your broomstick and attempt to fly away