The Path of the Moon

You’ve heard enough! The lesson has been learned: not all rebels are your allies. Clearly, this witch and warlock were going to use you for some sort of evil spell. Time to get out of here.

You mount your broomstick and close your eyes. Like the wand sparks, it takes all your will, but you manage to get your broom off the ground and into the air.

“Curses of the Underworld!” the witch cries in frustration. “She’s getting away!”

“Well, I did tell you to snap her broomstick in half, your powerfulness,” the warlock reminds her.

She glares at him a moment, but not a moment too long; she still has time, before you exit the cavern, to throw a hex at you:
Spheraflamma!” she cries, pointing her own wand out at you, sending a raging ball of fire your way.

Fly out of the cavern, through the tunnel the witch and warlock just entered from


Send another hex back at the witch