The Path of the Moon

You don’t trust this witch and warlock; just because they are practising magic illegally doesn’t mean they are aligned with the Cosmos. Instead, you will try your luck in the dark.

You grope the smooth rock beneath you, until you find your pack. You sling it up onto your back.

“Are ya sure this is the right way?” the warlock asks. You notice how timid and fearful he sounds.

“Positive,” the witch answers, sounding far more confident than him.

You can’t remember whether or not you had other belongings, but the voices are drawing nearer. And indeed they are looking for something; could it be you? You don’t want to wait around to find out, so, with prudence, you step down the rock, groping the wall with the hopes of finding a tunnel.

You only have to move about three yards before you do find the tunnel. But was it the tunnel you came from? Or will it only lead you further and further into the cave, more lost and astray?

“I still don’t understand,” the warlock manages to choke out, “how ya know yer way around these tunnels. How do ya know we’re not lost?”

Before the witch answers, the torchlight creeps into the cavern—the first light you’ve seen in only the Cosmos knows how long…

The darkness of the tunnel that lies ahead of you only becomes more apparent as the torchlight grows stronger. If you don’t make a break for it now, the witch and warlock will find you. The only other tunnel is the one they are about to enter from.

That and the tunnels the underground river flows through—that is the source of the eerie trickling sound.

Head down the dark tunnel


Change your mind and make yourself known to the witch and warlock


Jump in the river and see where it takes you