I Attempted To Write A Short Story Everyday For Thirty Days—And This Is What The Experience Taught Me

Saturn Versus Jupiter

In 2020, my Saturn Return began, as did my journey cultivating discipline.

For those unfamiliar with Astrology, a Saturn Return occurs when Saturn cycles back into—or ‘returns’ to—the sign it was in on the day you were born. It takes Saturn roughly twenty-nine and a half years to transition through all twelve signs of the zodiac, so most Earthlings will experience two, maybe three, Saturn Returns in their lifetime.

Now, because Saturn rules discipline, a Saturn Return is typically a time of cultivating discipline. Specifically, a first Saturn Return is a time during which one is invited to make the journey from youth to adulthood, into true adulthood.

Speaking for myself, there are many ways in which my first Saturn Return—which only ended this past Spring—shaped me. But the one particular way Saturn influenced me that applies to this essay is how Saturn taught me to take a disciplined approach to my writing…

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Why You Should Take A Dating Sabbatical

The day after my twenty-eighth birthday, I broke up with a lovely man, who still happens to be one of my best friends. The break up was sad, but relatively mutual. We loved each other and, in a sense, still love each other. What we were not, however, was suited to one-another.

I am a fantasy and science-fiction writer; he is a punk-rock musician. I am a hermit, an introvert, a lone wolf; he is a social butterfly in his scene. I value quiet time at home; he values time spent in the ‘jam shack’. There were other things too, but this is the crux of why we were not suited to being partners. For me to be happy, he had to sacrifice his happiness; and for him to be happy, I had to sacrifice my happiness. Even during the highs—and we had plenty of those—the relationship never felt right.

And yet we spent over a year in this relationship, over a year of trying to make it work. In the beginning, we fell hard and fast for one another. Actually, I think out of the people I have fallen in love with, never have I fallen quite as hard and fast as I did for this particular man. The speed at which I was pulled into the gravity of our connection was too fast. My judgment flew out the window. I did not take a moment to ask myself, Hey, Melody, are you sure this relationship is right for you?

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